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The environments we work in give us the chance to bring wellness, satisfaction and comfort to people at every stage of life. And, no matter what the environment, we match the right people to the challenge, with the expertise and strong values our clients deserve.

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One of the best ways to facilitate a patient’s treatment and increase patient satisfaction is through proper nutrition. As the leading private employer of clinical dietitians in North America, we ensure that meals are tasty, nutritious and prepared in accordance with each patient’s medical requirements.

Richard McLaughlin

“Prior to Sodexo, I was working in a large convention hotel where I managed two restaurants and 24 hour room service. It required me to work long hours, six days a week. I heard about Sodexo from a friend who usually called me on his weekend days off. I was jealous, yet intrigued, so I went to a Sodexo networking event in Kansas City to learn more. It was the best decision I ever made!” - Richard McLaughlin, Regional VP for Operations, Sodexo - Healthcare Systems Division


From pre-school through higher education, we support students on their path to adulthood. To help them achieve their academic aspirations, Sodexo fosters a healthy lifestyle through nutrition services.

Catherine Theresa McKiernan

“I use my culinary knowledge every day as a General Manager, whether it’s creating menus, training the cooks or meeting with the clients for catering events and special menus for different groups within the school. My culinary background also gives me the discipline to organize my time and focus, as working in a kitchen is by definition being able to multi-task.” - Catherine Theresa McKiernan, CEC, Executive Chef-turned-General Manager in the Schools Division


Sodexo provides services that improve daily life in the workplace and to help employees to be more efficient.

Bob Winslow

“The best part of the job is definitely our quality of life. Our work schedule in corporate services is unheard of in the restaurant business. The fact that I can be home with my family on nights and weekends is priceless. And there is so much that we do in terms of branding and menu development for our corporate clients. From action stations, artisan concepts and international cuisine, we tailor our menus to fit the needs of our clients and customers.” - Bob Winslow, District Executive Chef, Sodexo Corporate Services Division


Sodexo Government Services is proud to be the number one food and facilities service provider to the United States Government and its agencies at locations around the world. Through our managers understanding of each agency and military branch's culture and environment, we provide all staff, employees and tenants with a better Quality of Life.

Barry Lee

“During February 2014’s Polar Vortex, the Marine Corp closed down Camp LeJeune in North Carolina, as Storm Leon approached. Sodexo’s Team LeJeune recruited more than 130 staff volunteers, called “weather warriors,” who agreed to stay on base during the storm to provide continuous service. When the storm passed, base leadership formally commended our team for their “...dedication throughout the adverse conditions created by Storm Leon, not allowing any Marine to go unfed, in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Marine Corps.” Brigadier General E.D. Banta further commended the team for their “selfless efforts to enhance the morale and well-being of those who serve our Nation.” - Barry Lee, District Manager, Camp LeJeune


With increased life expectancy, the elderly population is growing. We oversee the well-being of seniors in specialized facilities, providing customized services and attentive care every day.

Laura Cason

“The residents at the Bridgewater Retirement Community take part in menu planning with the on-site Sodexo Executive Chef, who encourages resident recommendations on favorite foods that they used to cook or eat. They just rolled out their fall menu, including Pumpkin and Corn Chowder, Balsamic Chicken with Apples and Feta, and Maple Glazed Carrots and Baked Butternut Squash.” - Laura Cason, Registered Dietitian, Sodexo Healthcare, Bridgewater Retirement Community

Sports and Leisure

Assist in managing the culinary logistics for public and private events, ranging from international sports championships to high-powered business meetings. 

Jackie Sharp

“SodexoMAGIC recently launched the Sodexo Mindful program at Disneyland. One of my first projects was to work with our culinary team to customize menus to provide a variety of culturally diverse foods in a “Mindful” way, provide training for employees and hold launch events at each café.” - Jackie Sharp, Wellness Director, SodexoMAGIC, Walt Disney World and Disneyland


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Watch: Teamwork at Sodexo
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